Your home is better with solar panels

Reduce your electricity bill by over 80% with a solar system! Switch to greener, cleaner energy & start enjoying the benefits today!

You could save £20,000 in 15 years

My electricity bill per month is: £100

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£50,000 £45,000 £40,000 £35,000 £30,000 £25,000 £20,000 £15,000 £10,000 £ Years
3 year
6 year
9 year
12 year
15 year
Cost of electricity without solar


Cost of electricity with solar


*Estimates based on national average export tariff

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Each home is different — so each solar system we design is tailored to match your needs and patterns.

Talk to our experienced team for a bespoke proposal that will determine if you will benefit from a solar system or battery storage.

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Benefits of solar panels with your home

Enjoy the benefits now, be ready for the future. 

Now that's smart.

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Save money on your electricity bills

Generate free power for your system’s entire 25-year lifecycle, reducing or even eliminating your electricity bills with your solar power system.

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Reduce your carbon footprint

Solar energy reduces your homes carbon emissions dramatically. The Energy Saving Trust estimates a home using renewable energy could reduce carbon emissions by 1.3 to 1.6 tonnes per year.

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Add value to your home

Homes equipped with solar energy systems have a higher property value and sell faster than non-solar homes. Invest in your home with a solar panel system.

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Store power with a battery

Include a battery to make sure the free energy you have generated is stored for your business, for use at a later date. Plus, charge your battery at off-peak times to save even more money.

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Improve your EPC rating

Solar panels will greatly improve your homes EPC rating. Meet EPC standards, or just increase your rating with solar energy.

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Free charging for electric vehicles

Choose an EV-compatible solar panel system to charge your car for free. Fuel your car fossil-free, and use the free energy of the sun.

Our ultimate guide to installing solar  SmartEnergy.Core.Models.Generated.FeaturedContent

Our ultimate guide to installing solar

Just starting your solar journey? Read our ultimate guide to going solar.

All of your questions answered, in one place.

Our ultimate guide to installing solar  SmartEnergy.Core.Models.Generated.FeaturedContent The ultimate guide to solar

Joel saved 80% off his electricity bill

Former World Surf League World Champion Joel Parkinson made the switch to solar panels with Smart Energy. He gets a kick out of knowing there’s nobody charging him for energy and he’s doing his bit for the environment. Now, that’s smart!

Watch Joel's story

Joel Parkinson
Smart Energy Customer

Smart choices we’ve made

Rest assured, you are in good hands when making the smart switch to solar.

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Smart Care

Smart Care is our full-service customer care and warranty package. As a customer, you’re entitled from the moment you make the smart switch.

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FCA accredited

We're MCS solar installers. We adhere to the highest standards set by the UK authorising bodies. Quality and customer satisfaction is at the core of what we do.

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We carefully hand-pick 
our staff

At the heart of Smart Energy is our people. It’s their experience, passion and success that lets us keep you, our customers at the centre of everything we do.

Solar Panels

Gain independence from 
energy retailers

Residential electricity has almost doubled in the past 10 years. Don’t risk leaving your rates in the hands of the energy company, protect yourself from rising rates with a solar system.

With solar power, you get total independence from any power company. The power from the sun will always be free, all you need is a Smart Solar system and you’re set. Now that's a good investment.

Advanced technology with cutting-edge solar panels. SmartEnergy.Core.Models.Generated.FeaturedContent

Advanced technology with cutting-edge solar panels.

All weather performance. Sleeker design. Energy efficient. Even faster ROI. 25 year warranties. Find your perfect match.

Advanced technology with cutting-edge solar panels. SmartEnergy.Core.Models.Generated.FeaturedContent

Talk to a solar specialist about reducing your energy bills with solar.

Our international company has years of experience in solar PV systems.

We also source local qualified installers (wherever the job may be) meaning you get all the benefits of big business as well as the benefits of the small business in your neighbourhood. 

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