Frequently asked questions.

We want you to feel confident about your decision to go solar, so we’ve answered our most frequently asked questions about our solar solutions below.

Your solar specialist will advise you of the expected amount of power your solar system will generate.
This can vary depending on your location, trees and other obstructions surrounding your property and
the orientation and size of your system.

If any part of your solar system breaks down within the warranty period then don’t worry! We are
here to help. We will send one of our skilled installers out to replace any faulty equipment. All
you need to do is let us know as soon as you discover something is not right.

Your electricity bill can be significantly reduced from solar panels. The amount depends on the size of
your system, where it is installed, any shade issues, how you use your electricity and your
electricity plan. It is important to consume more of your electricity needs during the solar day and
minimise at night. Use your solar, not the grid! Make sure you are on the best electricity deal with
a high feed-in tariff to benefit from excess solar you send to the grid.

On average, it takes a half-day for us to install a 5kW solar panel system.

We're happy to offer solar panels at no upfront costs. It works by paying off the cost of your panels bit by bit rather than all at once. Plus, since you'll be getting rid of your energy bill with a solar system, you could end up paying less or the same as what you were already paying, but instead of paying for energy, you'll be on a fixed rate, that won't change. (Unlike the rising costs of energy.)

Talk to one of our solar panel specialists to see if you would be a good candidate for solar panels with no upfront costs. They'll talk to you about your energy usage and current bill, and help you find out if you're eligible.