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Benefit from a home EV charge point

Personal, fast and cheap charging for your electric vehicle. 
Now that’s smart.

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Save money

Have more control over your electric vehicle charging. Fuel your car more quickly, and benefit from off-peak or solar-compatible charging for even cheaper charging.

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Faster & more 
convenient charging

A home electric charging point can charge your car from flat to full in anywhere between 1 and 7 hours. This is much quicker than charging from the mains, which takes a minimum of six hours.

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Integrate and optimise 
with solar

Already have solar system? Talk to our specialists about choosing a solar-compatible EV charger today. Pairing an electric car charge point with a solar energy system will maximize your energy efficiency and savings.

Solar Panels

More Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV) were sold in 2021 than over the previous five years combined.

Petrol and diesel cars and vans are set to be banned from sale in 2030 in the UK, so get ahead of the curve; make EV chargers available for your workforce and customers.
Large parking lots will need to accommodate the growing need for EV chargers. Plus, the future of company cars will be electric.
We supply and install both home and commercial EV charge points.

Frequently asked Questions

We recommend talking to one of our specialists for a free EV charger assessment. They will listen to you about all of your energy needs, your current or future electric car, and let you know which charger they think could be best.

EV charge point installation takes on average 2hrs from start to finish.

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