Solar Story: Mary-Anne's solar system installation in Brighton

Solar Stories: Why Did Mary-Anne Install Solar Panels At Her Home In Brighton?

With increading awareness about climate change and the need for more affordable electricity, more people are choosing to install solar panels in their homes.

Mary-Anne and Trevor installed solar panels at their home in Brighton to combat rising electricity costs.

We went back to to talk Mary-Anne and her husband Trevor to find out:

  • Why they chose to install solar panels at their home
  • What motivated them to make this decision
  • How their solar panels were working out for them
  • How their energy bill had changed

solar panel installation in brighton by Smart Energy

Why did Mary-Anne and Trevor install solar PV at their Brighton home?

Brighton based Mary-Anne and Trevor had started to research ways to save money. Mary-Anne and Trevor are retired and also spend most of the week looking after their young grandson while his parents are at work. Because of this, they used a fair amount of energy at home and so wanted to reduce their bills somehow.

Wanting to avoid the latest price rises in electricity as well, they started looking at ways to save. Mary-Anne and Trevor, when not tending to their garden, “watch all of their finances.” They knew they wanted to “invest in something that would help them long term” - especially as they are both retired.

The couple ended up getting solar panels and also a log burner for the winter to help heat up their home.

Trevor “researched for about a year, and messaged several solar panel installation companies.” He found Smart Energy online and eventually chose us to install the couple’s panels. The couple got solar panels mainly to “save money.”

They watch all of their finances and knew they wanted to “invest in something that would help them long term.”

Mary-Anne said it was a “No-brainer really.”

What kind of solar PV system did they get installed?

Solar system installation in Brighton - to reduce their bills, Trevor and Mary-Anne had a 3.28kW solar system installed. It consisted of 8 JA solar panels. They also had a 5.8kWh SolaX solar battery added a month after the panels.

It’s important to remember that the amount of panels you need depends on your energy usage and roof space, so it can vary from person to person.

How did their energy bill change with solar panels?

How much can you save with solar panels? Well, Mary-Anne and Trevor showed us two bills to compare their savings with solar. 

solar panel bill difference before solar panels

Before solar panels (including 1 week of solar panels.)

after solar panels bill difference

A full month of solar panels.

The previous month without solar, their electricity bill was £93.05. (Mary-Anne told us that this is lower than their usual bill as solar had been installed in the last week of this month. Their usual energy bill is around £120 for electricity usage.)

For the next full month with solar installed, their bill was only £37.46. 

These savings are only with 8 panels. As well, since Mary-Anne and Trevor were also getting a battery installed a month after the panels when we spoke to them, they can expect to see even more savings next month!

Mary-Anne also switched to solar so that she “didn’t have to cut down on her 20 cups of tea a day.” Now, Mary-Anne can boil her kettle as many times as she wants, with peace of mind that it won’t run up her electricity bill!

home solar system installation in brighton by smart energy

How did they find the solar system installation in Brighton?

They both thought the “installation was really good, the installers cleaned up everything afterwards, I was impressed that he was even drilling with a hoover going at the same time.” Mary-Anne said, “the installation and the no cleaning up were fantastic.”

How Solar Panels Work & What are the Advantages of Installing Them?

Solar panels are a type of photovoltaic system which converts sunlight into electricity. They work on the same principle as a battery; they produce power when exposed to light.

There are three key advantages of installing solar panels:

- Solar panels can be installed in any area with direct access to sunlight. This means that solar works all year round.

- They are powered by the sun, so the energy will be generated for free, forever.

- The cost of solar panels has been steadily declining over time, so it is possible to invest in them without breaking the bank.

How to Install Solar Panels and What is the Cost?

What is the cost of installing solar panels? The cost to install solar panels in the UK in 2022 has dropped dramatically due to advances in technology. A full solar system can start from around £8,000 - depending on how many panels you get. 

Due to rising costs of energy, the time it takes to see a return on your investment has also dropped dramatically, with some predicted to be as low as three years! Saving money with home solar panels is one of the best ways to protect yourself from rising costs of energy.

solar panel installation smart energy

Solar panels are a great long-term investment to save money

To sum up Mary-Anne's review of solar panels: Mary-Anne researched ways to save money and ended up investing in solar panels. She was glad to be able to save money on her high energy bills and help the environment at the same time.

Solar panel installation is a great way for homeowners to save money on their high energy bills as well as help the environment. It is a complicated process, but with the right company, it can be done in a day or two, depending on your needs.

Solar panels are a long-term investment to save money. Panels can be a significant initial investment. However, a solar system could save you up to £45,000 in the long run. Solar panels have a lifespan of 30 years and can produce free electricity for the next 30 years, which will help you save on your utility bills.

Solar panels are a fantastic long-term investment to help reduce your carbon footprint and help you be more environmentally conscious. They are also an excellent way to save money on utility bills by providing free energy for the next 30 years.

Solar panels are a top long-term investment because they produce clean energy and reduce the number of carbon emissions in the environment. Solar panels also reduce monthly electricity bills.

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