Can Solar Panels Be Installed On A Flat Roof?

Yes! Solar panels can be installed on a flat roof. Keep in mind, they should still be installed at an angle using mounts.

Many people with flat roofs question if solar will generate enough electricity to cover their bills. A common misconception is that you can’t install solar panels on flat roofs because the roof doesn’t receive enough sunlight.

But what if we told you that installing solar panels is beneficial even on several different surfaces? With advances in technology, panels are able to absorb and generate more energy than ever.

Every household, business, and community should have access to solar energy. 

  • While flat roof solar systems are more commonly used on commercial buildings, they can also be installed on residential properties.
  • It’s best to put solar panels on tilts on a flat roof to maximise efficiency
  • Flat roof solar panels need to be at a 20-50 degree angle
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How much space do you need to put solar onto a flat roof?

Solar PV systems can be added to a small area. You may be limited to a smaller system for your home if you can only add solar to a smaller surface area. 

Bungalows can benefit greatly from a solar panel system. Due to being a shorter house, the roof is easily accessible to installers. You can choose to have tilted or mounted solar panels.

Can you put solar panels on my garage roof?

Solar power can be added to a garage or shed, depending on the size. Detached garages or connected garages will need to not be obstructed by shade. 

If you can’t put your panels on your home for any reason, a garage or shed work as an alternative.

solar panels on a flat roof

What are flat roof solar panels?

Panels on a flat roof are no different from panels on sloped roofs. 

The only factor in system designs on flat roofs is if your panels should be tilted to maximise their efficiency.

The more efficient they are, the more money you’ll save on your electric bills.

A solar panel's ideal pitch is around 30 degrees. This will allow the panels to receive more sunlight throughout the day, and also will allow rain to wash off of the panels. We recommend tilting your panels with brackets if you do install them on a flat garage or shed.

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Will wind affect solar panels on flat roofs?

Wind can affect solar panels on flat roofs more than angled roofs. This is because, unlike a regular home, there is no windbreak with a flat roof. 

There are two ways of securing solar systems on flat roofs. 

The latter entails attaching the rooftop solar to ballast frames and bulky slabs on the roof. The former, attaching the panels to the structure, entails drilling a hole in the roof and securing a support system and brackets to which solar panels are attached. This is a longer method, but some believe it is more secure.

Do you need planning permission for flat roof solar panels?

Putting solar panels on a flat roof follows the same legalities as panels on angled roofs. You shouldn’t need planning permission as long as the system is the size of the average home solar system.

You will still need DNO approval to connect to the national grid.

solar panels on a flat roof with mounting system

Can I add a solar battery to solar panels on a shed?

In addition to solar panels for garage roofs, you can also add solar batteries. 

Most battery storage systems are pretty small in 2022, enabling them to be easily installed in most areas.

Why use renewable energy on sheds in the UK?

Connect your main home to solar panels on your shed and benefit from solar energy. 

Or, power your shed appliances with solar panels. 

If you use myriad power tools in your shed, adding a small solar system could reduce your DIY energy bills.

How much weight can a flat roof hold?

Always double-check the condition of your roof if you’re looking to add solar onto a shed. This should be done with a site survey. Solar panels aren’t as heavy as you may think, plus, because of their large surface area, their weight is evenly distributed. 

Even so, if you think your shed or garage isn’t in great condition, talk to your solar specialist to confirm your installation will be safe.

The panels will be attached to your roof on a mounting system, meaning they won’t be affected by high winds and will be securely attached.

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