Solar panel systems in the UK: Everything you need to know.

Smart Energy installs solar panel systems across the UK. Our base is centred in Portsmouth, England, and it is our goal to make getting solar panels for your home easy and simple. As an MCS accredited solar installer, we install high-quality solar products to the best possible standard.

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Why get a solar panel system for your home?

Technology has improved incredibly for solar panels. A big misconception in the UK is that solar panels need warmer weather. Solar panels produce more electricity in summer, which can make it seem like they need warmer weather to work. But this isn’t the case – it’s just that stronger sunlight and warmer temperatures often go hand in hand. In fact, if the temperature gets too hot (or too cold), solar panels become less efficient.

Because we get over 8 hours of sunlight a day all year round and don’t often experience extreme temperatures, the UK is well suited to solar power.

Ultimately, the technology is better, panels have become cheaper, and obviously, electricity has increased in price lately.  If you have high energy bills, by getting solar panels you’re going to reduce them significantly if not completely. 

How does someone get a solar panel system in the UK?

At Smart Energy, what we do is talk to each person individually about their energy bill. That gives us a starting point to work out how many panels we would need to fit to eliminate that bill. We then look at each person’s roof space, obviously, windows and shade from trees might affect the placement of panels, which is why every plan we do is bespoke. 

Essentially, we check that the return on investment of the panels is worth it for each person. We run this information through our software. Information like the amount of a person’s bill and their roof space gives us a detailed idea of the expected return on investment. It is expensive to invest in solar panels. 

What is the return on investment on a solar PV system?

However, the return on investment starts from over £25,000, so it is something that is definitely worth it. The average time it takes to see a return on investment is at seven years now. This value has dramatically dropped due to the increases in the price of energy. Essentially, after an average of seven years, you should expect to be making money from your solar panel system. 

Plus, the average system is guaranteed a minimum of 25 years. This means you can power your home with a renewable source for at least the next quarter of a century.

Why are Smart Energy industry-leading solar panel installers?

Smart Energy install solar panels and battery storage systems in the UK, Australia, and USA. We’re committed to reducing electricity bills through energy generated by your own home solar system. 

How does Smart Energy see the future of solar energy?

Everyone is interested in becoming more eco-friendly and energy-efficient. The Government has made a pact to go carbon neutral by 2050. More people are going solar, and we want to be a part of that. It’s the next logical step as we begin to leave fossil fuels behind. Electric cars are more and more popular and are also the future of travel. 

Solar panels and EV chargers kind of go hand in hand - you can power your car with your panels, so we definitely see more solar panels and EV chargers around Portsmouth together. We actually also install EV chargers for this reason. When you look at how much money solar panels save in the UK and the average time it does take to see a return on your investment, it all starts to make sense.

Who is a good candidate for a solar panel system in the UK?

Anyone who wants to save money on their electricity bills!

How long does it take on average for a solar team to install a solar panel system on a roof?

Installing solar panels on the average UK home is fairly quick and simple. It usually only takes around a day to install a solar panel system. The harder part of the process happens behind the scenes when applying for planning permission or DNO approval.

How does a solar panel system actually save you money in the UK?

Solar panels generate electricity which means that you don’t have to buy electricity from the grid. Plus, when you’re not using the electricity you generate, you can export it to the grid and get paid for it.

Why should you choose an MCS accredited solar company to install a solar panel system in the UK?

Always look for an MCS accredited solar panel installer when looking to add a solar energy system to your home. Among other things, you’ll need an MCS certificate when applying to the SEG scheme. That’s a really key part of switching to solar! The SEG scheme allows you to get paid for the energy you export to the grid. Plus, an MCS certificate means that you know your solar panel installer is held to high UK standards.

Why bring Smart Energy's solar installation expertise to Portsmouth in the UK?

Smart Energy has enjoyed great success in Australia, but being from England, England is our home.

Our hometown is close to our hearts, which is why we are eager to start Smart Energy in Portsmouth. We obviously had the opportunity to start our first office anywhere in the country, we could have chosen the capital, but we wanted to start in our local area.

It’s great also to help create jobs in the area. Plus, if you're looking for how to save money on an electric bill, we're able to help our hometown easily with a solar panel system in the UK.

We’re also really proud to say that wherever we install solar we use local installers, so if you choose to go solar with us, you’re still supporting local businesses at the same time as having our experience to back up any solar project we undertake.

We actually started the business around a year ago, before the cost of living increased. 

 The pressures of the UK energy crisis have brought solar panels to the centre stage in recent weeks. That’s why we have made it our mission to make renewable energy technologies more accessible to Britons, preventing escalating energy costs.