Solar Panel Maintenance: The Complete Guide

You might be interested in solar energy but wondering what you need to do to maintain solar panels. Find out how to ensure your panels are working at their best by reading our top solar maintenance tips.

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Solar panel maintenance

Maintenance for solar panels is very minimal after installation. This is because panels are installed at an angle to allow pollution, dirt, rain, and snow to slip off. Natural rainwater will do a great job of cleaning your panels for you. 

If you live in a snowy state, snow that settles on panels will start to melt quickly and slide off. Because panels are designed to absorb light and heat, snow is not a problem for panels. 

You can hire someone to give panels a professional maintenance service if you feel like your panels have dipped in performance. You can hire anyone locally or contact your original installer.

Whichever you choose, just make sure whoever comes to check on them is a professional MCS solar installer, otherwise, you may be at risk of invalidating the warranty on your panels. 

Do solar panels need cleaning?

Save money with your solar panel system by keeping it clean. Clean your solar panels at least once a year for optimum energy production. This will ensure no dirt builds up on your system and affects the performance.

If you think your panels are getting dirty, check your generation. If your generation seems to have dropped, it might be time to get an annual service to make sure the PV system is maintained.

Read our full guide to solar panel cleaning here.

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Solar Maintenance Services

All Smart Energy customers benefit from SmartCare. SmartCare comes with every solar system we install. Part of SmartCare means that we continually monitor solar panels and their production. If you ever have a problem with your panels and you think you may need a solar repair, we'll come and fix any issues, free of charge.

The warranties that are included with your system purchase protect you in the unlikely event anything goes wrong with your system.

When might I need a maintenance check?

Some reasons why you may need a solar system service:

  • Inverter is not reading properly
  • Sudden drop in the amount of power generated by the system
  • Error lights on your inverter or battery
  • Battery may not seem to be charging properly
  • Wires may be damaged by rodents or pests

It's important to note that often confusion is caused by not knowing how to read your system components properly.

Unless you are sure you know what you are doing, try not to touch your inverters screens options yourself. This is because sometimes customers believe their system isn't generating power, when in fact, they have changed the screen display.

What to do if the app that monitors your solar system stops working?

Another common question we get is to do with apps that monitor generation of systems.

Like all apps, sometimes a solar monitoring app will crash or not load properly. This will not affect the power generation of your solar system and does not mean the solar panels aren't working. 

If your app stops working, we usually recommend closing the app and reinstalling or updating it. If your app doesn't start working again in a few days, contact one of our support team who can try to help you get back online. 

If you can't access your app, you'll still be able to monitor generation the old fashioned way, by looking at your inverter.

How do I know if my solar panels need a maintenance check?

If your solar PV has suddenly dropped in energy production, you might need a professional maintenance check.

Solar panels usually come with a 25-year warranty. This warranty will usually guarantee that your panels never drop below 80% in performance. If they do drop below this amount, you can contact either your original installer or the manufacturer, and they will replace your panels for you.

This is helpful for solar customers because, in the unlikely event that your original solar panel installation company ever dissolve, you will still be able to contact the original manufacturer. This is because the warranty covers the product itself, regardless of the installer. 

Do solar batteries need maintenance?

As solar battery storage is usually stored inside of a house or garage, your battery should not need cleaning (other than an occasional dusting.) You won't need to do anything to maintain your battery.

Read our complete guide to solar batteries here.

Are solar panels worth it?

As solar panels are very low maintenance, they are worth investing in as they are an easy way to cut your energy bills.

Solar PV isn’t one-size-fits-all. You may be able to eradicate your bill completely or you might still be left with a bill. This depends on your energy consumption and the number of panels and size of the system you have. When talking to a solar installer, you’ll work together to see how many panels you can fit on your roof, your energy usage, and whether or not you might benefit from a battery. You should leave your appointment knowing what your new energy bill should look like.

You’ll still need an energy supplier to connect your panels to the grid and export excess energy your panels create. You’ll still get an electricity bill that tells you how much you’ve either made from your solar panels or a residual amount you have to pay. Solar panels can save over 80% on your electricity bill for the average homeowner.

It takes an average of 9 years to see a return on your investment. As panels will last for a minimum of 25 years, that means you’ll see over 16 years of savings. That could be over £30,000.

Solar panels are worth the investment for the majority of homeowners. By investing in solar, you are future-proofing yourself against any possible future rises in the price on energy, and even scarcity of energy. This is because you have your own personal energy supply instead of relying on an external supplier.

Because solar systems come with warranties, if you do ever run a maintenance check on them, and something is at fault, it won't cost you anything to fix them. This means they are a safe investment.

Solar Panel Repair and Maintenance Near Me

Smart Energy's customers are at the core of what we do. That's why we'll always send out an MCS accredited professional should your system ever need maintenance.

If you're not an existing Smart Energy customer, we recommend first contacting your original solar system installation company for help.

Solar repair should always be carried about by a licensed professional. 

Solar Inverter Repairs Near Me

Smart Energy will always be on hand to help you with any issues with your system or inverter. Inverters have a life span of around 15 years, but should you ever think there is a problem, get in touch with our UK-based customer service team.