Solar Story: Lynne’s solar panel installation in Portsmouth

Solar Story: Lynne’s solar panel installation in Portsmouth

Lynne was motivated to buy solar panels because she wanted to save money on her energy bills. Solar panels are a great way to reduce energy bills because they capture sunlight and convert it into solar power.

Lynne's solar system has been providing her with clean, renewable energy for the past few months, and she has seen a significant reduction in her energy bills. In addition to saving money, solar power has also helped Lynne to reduce her carbon footprint. 

Since getting solar panels, Lynne has been able to relax and not worry about using too much energy.  She uses normal household appliances, and the solar panels help to offset her energy usage.  As a result, she has more money to spend on other things, and she doesn't have to worry about her impact on the environment.  In addition, the solar panels help to keep her home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, which saves her money on her energy bills. 

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Lynne's interview starts here.

Why did you decide to get solar panels?

"It's an absolute no-brainer. 

Energy bills are soaring, but apart from that it environmentally makes absolute sense for us to generate as much energy of our power as we possibly can from natural resources.  Sunlight is a natural resource. I have a roof, I've got somewhere to put solar panels.

 I'm generating my own energy. It just makes so much sense."

Did you get battery storage and solar panels?

"I got ten panels installed. That was the maximum I could have on the roof that I've got. I bought a battery as well because that means that the energy I can store and use in the evening as well when the sun's not shining. So that makes sense too."

What does your energy bill look like now?

"My most recent energy bill, I can't remember exactly what it was, but it's something like £17.  But all of that was standing charge. I paid no money for my electricity and minimal fold gas, but no money for electricity because I generated everything I needed myself. The only bill I had was for my standing charge."

Editors note: Lynne’s energy bill is likely to decrease more. This is because, at the time of our interview, Lynne hadn’t signed up for the SEG scheme yet. The SEG scheme, also known as the Feed in Tariff, will allow Lynne to get paid for any excess energy she exports to the grid. 

Do you think more people in the UK should go solar?

"Absolutely. I think that every possible means of getting people to go solar should be used. I think the government should help a great deal. I think schemes like Smart Energy have where you can pay for them over a period of time. 

Everything that anybody can do to make people who've got the right amount of roof space to have solar panels should do it because it just makes sense."

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How did you find the installation process?

"Amazingly swift, easy, clean everybody. From the people who delivered the stuff to the scaffolder, to the guys that came and installed it, they were all polite, they were all clean workers, they were respectful, and they respected my home, my property."

What are your energy usage habits like?

"Now, I don't use vast amounts of energy. I don't have a washing machine going all the time. I don't have things like a tumble dryer. I am quite careful. 

My energy bill was going to become less manageable, but when I compared it to last year already this time last year, I'm spending less per month."

Was the environment a reason for you to switch to solar energy?

"Absolutely. We cannot go on using the Earth's resources the way we're using them. It's just not possible. And we have to be far more self-sustaining in this country. 

They're a huge part of what we should be doing."

Why did you choose Smart Energy?

"When I heard about Smart Energy and the fact that it was started by people in Portsmouth, from Portsmouth, my city, that made a big difference. And then when I found out about the company, the way it started, how it was started, I just felt I could trust them. And that is important. 

When you're making a big expenditure, and this is a big expenditure, you have to trust where you're getting it from. When I had the initial consultation with the salesperson who came around, he didn't have to sell it to me as a concept, I knew I wanted solar panels. But he did have to make it very clear what the company was like, exactly what I was buying, exactly what it would do. And again, I felt, yes, trust these guys, I'm going to go with them."

Are you happy with your decision to go solar?

"This is the energy of the future. This is something you can do as an individual in your home. I can't have a wind turbine in my garden, but I can have solar panels on my roof. 

Our lives depend to a huge extent on electricity. So the more we can generate for ourselves, the better. It makes me feel a lot safer, and more secure in my energy, by having solar panels."

solar panel installation in hampshire by smart energy

Lynne had been thinking about solar energy for a while, and when energy prices started to rise, solar panels seemed like a good idea. Solar panels are a great way to reduce your energy bills, and with solar panels, you can also generate your own solar power.  Solar systems are becoming increasingly popular, and they're a great way to save money on your energy bills.  Lynne's solar panels have helped her to reduce her energy bills, and she's very happy with her decision to go solar. 

Overall, solar panels have been a great investment for Lynne, and she would recommend them to anyone who is looking for ways to save money and reduce their impact on the environment. 

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