Our solar installation team in Hampshire

Smart Energy is the solar provider for you. Find out why we’re the best solar installation team to provide solar energy to your home in Portsmouth, Hampshire and the rest of the UK!

When it comes to choosing the size of your new solar system, you want to do it right. Undersized is a wasted opportunity, where oversizing can increase your payback period. This post will show how we recommend solar systems – it’s not as complicated as you may think. It makes sense to first look at your restrictions. Our team of Solar Specialists will do all this for you.

Our head office in Portsmouth means we’re in the perfect place to be the solar energy provider for all of Hampshire

Smart Energy has finally come home! Our company was founded in Australia in 2016 by long-time friends Elliot Hayes and Beau Savage. Since then, Smart energy has become one of Australia’s market leaders in solar, boasting more than 100 installations a week. After 6 years of growth and success, the decision was made to bring Smart Energy back to Beau and Elliot's hometown of Portsmouth. We opened our head office in November 2021 and have since been making the UK eco-friendly one rooftop at a time! 

Although we cover the whole of the UK, our local area is very important to us and our goal at Smart Energy is to become the main solar energy provider in Hampshire. 

Our Portsmouth solar panel installation team will make your journey easy.

At Smart Energy, we have handpicked only the best people for solar installation. All of our installers are MCS accredited, ensuring the highest quality installation and that our installers are kept to the high standards of the MCS regulations board.

You can apply for a quote by going through the website; https://smartenergy.co/uk or calling the number 02393880348. Our website is open 24/7 and our phone line is open every weekday.  After applying for a quote, a member of our friendly office team will contact you. They will briefly speak to you about your current energy usage and solar needs with one of our solar specialists. It will take about 45 mins to design a solar PV system that fits your house and lifestyle.

Our team of Solar Specialists customises your solar panel system to your energy needs. 

Smart Energy is the top solar energy provider in Hampshire.

Our aim here at Smart Energy is to become the number 1 solar energy provider in Hampshire - and someday the whole of the UK! The team here at the head office is working hard to ensure our customers are happy and our installations are ready to save the planet and save you money for the next 25 years! 

Since opening this branch, we have designed and installed over 100 solar PV systems - over 10,000 solar panels!

We provide Solar energy in Hampshire, as well as being MCS accredited, HIES certified, and FCA accredited. What’s not to like?

 HIES is a leading consumer protection organisation covering the installation of home energy products. Being a HIES certified company means that we ensure all consumers are respected, protected and educated on their home improvement journey.

Did you know you can increase your EPC rating to above a D just by installing solar panels on your roof?

The FCA looks over Smart Energy as a whole and the individual employee involved to ensure that all required standards are met.

An MCS accreditation means your solar PV installation will carry an MCS certificate, helping you access schemes such as the SEG tariff. An MCS certification also means your installers will have the highest possible qualifications. 

As solar energy providers in Hampshire, we have a strong code of ethics.

Here at Smart Energy, we pride ourselves on our stellar customer service and friendly office atmosphere. We aim to become the number 1 solar panel installer in Hampshire and eventually the whole UK. 

The solar savings calculator will help you save!


Does Smart Energy only install home solar PV in Hampshire?

Good news - we don't just install solar systems on homes. We also supply and install solar panels for commercial and business locations.

With 0% VAT now available for home solar systems, we look forward to installing many more solar panels this 2022.

For commercial solar installations, low VAT is available, as well as a 130% Super-Tax deduction scheme for renewable energy. 

Does Smart Energy only provide solar energy installation in Hampshire?

Of course not! 

Even though our head office is based in Portsmouth, we provide solar installations for the whole of the UK, as of the time of posting, we have installed systems in Wales, Devon, Northern Ireland, Essex and many other places up and down the country. Our goal is to make the UK sustainable one roof at a time! 

Are you looking to go solar? Enquire with us today!