How a home solar energy system works

Due to the recent increases in electricity bills, homeowners in the UK are now investing in home solar energy systems to save some cash on their bills.

But how do solar panels work, and how can they help me save money?

A big advantage of solar panels is that they require little to no maintenance and start producing energy as soon as the sun is shining. By mounting renewable solar panels on your roof you can save up to £2,000 a year on your electricity bill depending on your annual electricity usage.

One solar panel is made up of many photovoltaic (PV) cells, with each cell producing approximately 0.5V when exposed to UV rays. When the photons (in the UV rays) hit the solar cell, they displace electrons from the thin silicon layer at the top and create direct current.

But our homes and appliances do not run on direct current, but alternate current. So to convert the DC into eco-friendly energy we can use, along with the panels, an inverter needs to be installed to change the current from DC to AC.

The solar installation team will install this inside the house, usually in a garage or the same place as your electric meter.

By installing affordable solar panels through Smart Energy, there is a £0 upfront cost to getting the panels installed and the money you save on your electric bill is then used to pay off your solar panels. The average loan is for a period of 5-8 years depending on repayment costs and the size of the solar PV array.

With electric bills rising, a solar PV system will help you save money as the repayment costs are at a fixed rate every month and will not increase. And best of all, when the panels are paid for, you are now the proud owner of free renewable energy!

how do solar panels save you money

But what if I need to use electricity from my home solar system overnight?

Lithium-ion batteries can also be installed alongside the solar panels and will store any extra energy that is produced to provide you with solar power overnight when the sun is no longer shining.

This saves you even more money on bills and drastically lowers your carbon footprint.

Along with energy that can be stored, you can sell excess electricity that your panels produce that can be sold to your local grid for a profit. This profit can then go towards paying for your panels. Now that’s a smart solar system.

Which home solar system is best for me?

For those looking into sustainable energy, the best solar PV system for you will depend on several factors including roof size, the side the roof is facing and whether or not there is shade in the way of where the solar panels are being installed. 

South-facing roofs are perfect for solar panels as the sun shines directly on them all day. Alternatively, an East or West facing roof will reflect the sunlight in the morning or afternoon respectively. North facing roofs are almost never used for solar panels.

The average UK home (3 bedroom house) needs a 3kWp system. The average solar PV panel is 300W, which means that 10 panels are needed for the system. Alternatively, higher Wattage panels can be installed onto the roof, meaning that fewer panels are needed to produce the same amount of power. 

If you have any further questions, please contact our solar specialists at Smart Energy for an in-depth look at how we can integrate affordable renewable electricity into your home. It’s never been a better time to go solar!

How does hiring an MCS certified installer affect my home solar system?

The Microgeneration Certificate Scheme guarantees a safe and reliable installation of your solar system that will stand the test of time. To become an MCS accredited installer, Smart Energy had to pass a thorough assessment of both knowledge and practice annually which ensures that we keep up our excellent standard of installation.

Are solar batteries worth adding to a home solar system in 2022?

Solar Batteries are a great addition to your solar PV system. They can further reduce your carbon footprint and save even more money on your electricity bill.

Solar batteries work by storing any excess energy created by your panels during the day so that they can be used at night when the solar panels are no longer producing energy.

This means that (depending on your energy consumption) you can become entirely dependent on your solar panels and not have to pay a penny for electricity!

Will Smart Energy explain how my home solar system works?

At Smart Energy, our Solar Specialists customise the solar PV system to your needs. Whether you have limited roof space, large energy consumption or you want multiple solar batteries for security against power cuts, Smart Energy has your back! We pride ourselves on our stellar customer service.

After all, you will be our customers for 25 years! After contacting us, a member of our friendly team will call and set up an appointment date with one of our Solar specialists to personalise your PV system to you.

Call our smart energy contact number to speak to a specialist today on 02393 880 348