Solar Panel Bird Proofing UK

Why is it Important to Pigeon Proof Your Solar Panels?

Solar panels provide an ideal warm and safe environment for birds, particularly pigeons, to nest. If left unprotected, you may discover an entire family of pigeons nesting beneath your solar panels. Your solar panels may be jeopardised as a result of your new pigeon neighbours.

bird proofing solar panels

How to protect your solar panels from damage from pigeons?

Bird wire mesh prevents pigeons from gaining access to the warm space under your solar panel array.

If you have solar panels installed, bird steel mesh is a simple way to keep birds from nesting under your solar panels. Bird mesh is not harmful to animals. Instead, bird protection ensures birds are unable to sit under your panels.

What is bird protection?

Pigeon or bird proofing is the process of putting up a barrier around the edges of your solar panels. This keeps pigeons from getting underneath.

Feral pigeons enjoy nesting under solar panels because they feel safe and protected from cold weather. The rails beneath solar panels provide the ideal ledge for a nest, and because feral pigeons are a communal pest, they prefer to live in large flocks. Solar panel systems provide a large breeding space for pigeons.

How much does it cost to pigeon-proof solar panels?

The cost to install bird mesh for solar panels depends on the size of your solar array. The more panels, the more mesh you would need.

What is the advantage of bird mesh?

Bird mesh will help you in terms of pest control. It will not affect your solar panels in any way.

Mainly, the purpose of bird mesh is to stop birds and other creatures, such as squirrels, from nesting under your solar array.

Bird mesh is very simple to install and requires no maintenance.

When would you need bird control?

Keep in mind that the majority of the time, bird protection is not necessary. This is because panels will be fixed closely enough to your roof that birds or rodents won't be able to fit underneath. Bird protection is only recommended if you live in an area with lots of birds and also have panels that have large gaps underneath.

What affects the bird proofing solar panels cost?

To add bird proofing to a solar system talk to a specialist. They'll take into account how large your system is and also if scaffolding is needed to safely access your panels. Also, take into account the cost of labour when looking at a quote for solar panel bird proofing.

When looking for a company to add bird proofing to your solar panels, make sure the installers are MCS accredited. We also recommend ensuring that the bird proofing is never attached to your panels as altering your panels may invalidate their warranty.

It's important to note that wild bird species, their eggs, and nests are legally protected. Please read The Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981 for more information. For those looking to get rid of existing birds, be aware that it is a crime to intentionally kill, injure, or destroy the habitat of any wild bird. Furthermore, violating this law is punishable by heavy fines and up to six months in prison.

You may have to contact a professional pest removal agency to safely remove protected birds.

Do bird droppings damage solar panels?

Pigeon droppings, dirt, and other debris that accumulate on your Solar Panels will reduce their ability to generate solar energy. Pigeon droppings covering the surface of your solar panels will reduce their performance and effectiveness. This is especially concerning if you are using a string inverter, as it effectively acts as shading.

Pigeons can damage your solar panels, affecting the performance of your panels and the generation of the panels. Pigeon droppings have high acidity levels, which can corrode wires and even damage the surface of your solar panels. Birds can damage solar panels by biting through wires and scratching the surface, which reduces the system's ability to generate power.