What should I receive after my solar installation?

What happens after my solar panels are installed?

After your solar PV system is installed, you should receive a copy of all of the important documents that come with your systems, such as your MCS certificate and warranties.

It’s important to keep copies of your warranties in a safe place so that if anything ever goes wrong with your panels, you will be able to get them easily fixed.

When your G99 or G98 application (made by us as a part of the bundle that we supply) is accepted by your DNO (SSE, UK Power Networks etc), you’ll receive an acceptance letter to your email address. This is generally a PDF file that has been signed by either a member of our team or someone on your DNO’s connections team, sometimes we will need you to sign the PDF using an online signature service to get the acceptance letter processed properly but generally, you won’t need to sign it.

Once you have the acceptance letter, it’s good to keep the file safe somewhere in your phone or computer hard drive that is easy to find. You generally won’t ever need to use this letter for anything but occasionally your supplier may ask for proof of the installation being approved, which is why it is good to keep the letter safe.

what should I receive after my solar panels are installed? Smart Energy

What you should receive with your solar system:

General files:

  • System Proposal
  • Signed Invoice
  • MCS Certificate
  • NICEIC/DCP (Electrical installation cert)

With Your Solar Panels:

  • Declaration of Conformity
  • Attestation of Conformity
  • Datasheet/ Owners Manual
  • Installation Manual
  • Warranty
  • MCS Certificate

With Your Solar Inverter:

  • Declaration of Conformity
  • Declaration of Authenticity
  • Datasheet/ Owners Manual
  • Installation Manual
  • Compliance Document
  • Warranty

With Your Solar Battery (if purchased):

  • Datasheet/Owners Manual
  • End user Brochure
  • Installation Manual
  • Certificate of Compliance
  • Technical Data Schematics
  • EMC Test Report
  • Report of Safe Transport

How do I apply to the SEG scheme?

With the documents you receive in your handover pack, you can apply to the SEG scheme. The SEG scheme allows you to get paid for any excess energy you export to the grid.